Matilda's Own 100% Cotton Batting

Matilda's Own 100% Cotton Batting

The best batting for machine quilting if you prefer cotton.  This cotton batting produces the least lint -  a clean sewing machine functions better. It is also the most clingy - means no slipping of quilt top without basting. Machine washable. Water temprature should be below 40 degree C. Warm iron. 

Width: 240 cms 

Availability: 9.95 metres in stock

Price (per metre):

Fabric prices are per metre. With most fabrics the minimum purchase is 25 cms with increments of 5 cms thereafter. There are a few exceptions, because of the pattern repeat on some fabrics the minimum purchase maybe more than 25 cms. Purchases of 25 cms of fabric will be cut as fat quarters (i.e. 50 cms by half the width of the fabric, unless specified by us or requested by you).

Quantity (cm): (1 m)

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